Saturday, October 23, 2010

Albino Squirrel photo on my 10 mi run today

Albino Squirrel
Over the last few years I've seen an 'Albino Squirrel' on part of a regular route that I run. When I run I don't bring my camera; and usually don't have my phone except for long runs. Today was a longer run, so I had my phone and stopped to take a few shots. The photos aren't exceptional, but rather provide proof that there are some of these 'white' squirrels on my routes. He watched me long enough to allow me to get a few shots, but my phone-camera is not a 10th of the camera my A710IS is. (That's why the photos are a bit grainy.)

The second photo is from one of my lunches this past week. It was nice to have a different work schedule and get to run with my wife as well as fix her breakfast (enhanced oatmeal) and lunch (stir-fry: onion, yellow squash, sweet potato, bell pepper, garlic, rice, chicken and spinach at the last minute. Spices include: turmeric, cayenne, ginger, fish oil and 'Bragg' liquid aminos (similar to soy sauce)). Most days my wife is now fixing my lunch for me, which is a change from the last several years; but a change that I'm grateful for.

One of the changes that we are just starting right now is switching from Olive oil for cooking to Grapeseed oil. This was the first lunch that I used Grapeseed oil to cook the vegetables, rice and chicken; and I liked the lighter taste of it. The reason for switching is mainly for the higher smoke point (the point where the oil starts to breakdown). Nutritionally the oils are very similar and taste-wise the Grapeseed is lighter.

Work continues to challenge my routine and I've still not gotten into a consistent routine with biking, running and weights. So for now I've put the emphasis on running as it is easy to do, I enjoy it, it helps me relieve stress and it burns some calories.

Today I did my long run and it was 10.5 miles. No speed records as it was 1:30:39 @8:38/mi pace. My avg HR was 143 which is in line with it being a lower steady run.

I've been running a 3.5 mi loop with the intent of staying under 8 min/mi pace. This makes me run a little faster than is easy for me, so I consider it good training for improving my speed. The pace for the two (3.5 mile) runs this week were 7:24 and 7:40. I also got in a 3 mi run with my wife at her pace. Before running with her I did 7 miles at my comfortable pace which was 8:29/mi for that run. The total distance this week was 27.53 miles. My Garmin says it was 4299 calories - thankfully more than my 'Blue Bell' consumption this week ... :-) Last week was 25.13 miles with a long run of 9.5 miles. And the week before that was 17.11 miles with the longest run being 7 miles.

Life continues to be quite full and I'm glad for the weekends and the break from the routine that they provide. Today was a day with rain forcasted. But, as I've experienced on enough occasions over the years, I often start off to see how far I'll make it before the rain hits asking God for a dry path to run; and return home to sprinkles as I turn onto my street! No Joke! (As a work colleague of mine says, "True Story!") So, it's been raining off and on, sometimes quite hard, since I got home.

[Last photo is of my middle daughter on her birthday, taking a shot of her dessert. Taking photos runs in my blood, and hers too.]
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