Monday, February 23, 2009

A funny thing happened at the gym last week...

I did have a funny thing happen last week at the gym, but wasn't sure if I should share the story here. I've shared it with three others and they all said I should, so please don't read further if stories of flatulence are offensive or rude to you.

I put a picture of garlic here as they are usually a daily food for me.  As are onion, spinach and some other regulars on my dietary list. Just as I have a tendency to not stop with chocolate, so I have the same tendency with garlics. If I roast 20 cloves in a pan with olive oil - I will often find myself eating all of them. (I'm told I often smell like garlic, but am unable to notice it myself.

So, here's my funny story: I was at the gym last Wednesday and was running on the treadmill. I was working pretty hard and the gym was full, or at least the treadmills were all being used. The first one that was open when I came in (mind you this is 5:10 in the morning) was down a fair bit, and had a row if different type of exercise machines behind the treadmills. So, I had people on both sides and behind me. During my run the person on my left left and another showed up.  The way I noticed this was the smell of rubbing alcohol. As I looked over I watched her meticulously clean every surface of the treadmill: the rails, the front panel, the top, the rails was a bit overboard. Here I was sweating and flinging sweat off my arms onto the panel. (One of the benefits that I enjoy of being healthy is the ability to sweat well. Now my sweat doesn't typically stink sense I've been juicing and have removed certain foods from my routine.) So I'm running, drinking some out of my water bottle and using my rag to wipe my face and arms while I run. After my distance was reached, I backed down the speed to a recovery walk and was walking when it happened. I couldn't really help it. I was having some very strong odorous flatulence - but thankfully their delivery was silent. Shortly after the 'accident' I could sense it's presence - then I saw the rubbing alcohol lady next to me sense it's presence ... by taking her rag and covering her nose and mouth. Not just briefly but for a loooong time... maybe 15 seconds, maybe more, I was too embarrassed to use my peripheral vision to look. I was torn: embarrassed on the outside and rolling hysterically on the floor laughing on the inside!! 

So, if you like your garlic as I do...know there are consequences!


  1. Hahahahahahahahahhahaha!

    Silent but DEADLY - that's Agent Dan for you.


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