Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One yr PR's

I've not been able to do much 'pro-active' training for the last year - as life has been challenging and the time needed for such training just isn't available.

I've tried to reduce my weight training from two days to a single workout - hoping to do at least two workouts rather than the regular four of the past. This past week I got 2 1/2 in: two regular ones and the 1/2 was just bench; doing my regular wo and then adding weight. I stopped at 250 lbs which I've not done for over this last year of reduced training. I probably could have done more, but working out alone in the garage ... it just seemed like I'd done enough.

I also had a time on my bike over the bridge (Time Trial) section that I enjoy so much in the past couple weeks. [It's a flat section just over a half mile long.] One time I saw a max speed of just over 44 mph. Another time I saw a max heart rate of 189. Both of these are good and encouraging numbers as my overall fitness seems to be down, but my bodies capacity for exercise still seems to be present - I just am not able to tap into it very often.

The important lesson: life isn't about exercise and PR's; life is about relationships! Period: family, friends and still having some margin to handle the unexpected and unplanned. I enjoy training very much and it has value in helping me interact with others, but when the days are too full - it has to give. And that's where I'm at. Enjoying life, just not enjoying as much training as I'd like ... :-)
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