Monday, November 28, 2016

Lefty in Action

I'm still not quite used to the look, BUT I have come to trust my Cannondale Lefty.

Here's a neat shot from the trails .. look forward to riding them again in the Spring!

For now, the Lefty makes a pretty good & safe bike for the dusk into dark rides on the road near my home.

Today was 14.4 miles averaging 16.6 mph on an out and back loop with a 2 mi and 1 mi sub-loop
at the midway point that I just add loops to bump up the miles. Tonight was 3 of each the 2 mi and 1 mi plus the out and back.

Stay safe! If you see clouds like these ... go back home (live to ride another day).

Saturday, November 26, 2016

MTB modifications for winter use on the street with lights

With the passing of long sunny days to days with short sun .. I've decided to modify my MTB by putting some 26" road tires on it: exactly what I did about 10 years ago when all I had was a heavy rigid framed MTB. The tire's I've had in my closet from that time period and they are working great! My Lefty looks a little funny with this road tire on the front; for that matter the whole bike looks a little strange with road tires on it. I've also added a trusty Super-Binky tail light and a new Cateye Volt 700 (which is proving to be a GREAT light).

Due to traffic where I live, I'm not comfortable riding my road bike on the longer rides that I could when the sun was up later. Now it's just not possible. So rather than ride on my trainer, which I've done for years, and will likely due later when winter fully kicks in, for now that additions of lights and the change to road tires has made my MTB a very good bike to ride through the neighborhood. The road bike is to rigid and the tires are to small, plus no suspension ... not a good bike for the neighborhood.

You can see in the photos it's a little odd looking, but it's still fun to ride. Tonight it was a little over 18 miles and a little over an hour. This beats riding inside just as running outside beats running on a treadmill. So, consider converting your MTB for dusk and dark rides if there are no close trails and you don't want to invest in some more serious lighting. This Volt 700 is an Excellent road light. I've yet to really need the full power beam: low and medium have been working great.

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