Thursday, May 27, 2010

Intervals ...

When I'm lucky, I've been riding once a week; usually Thursdays. Today, no one else was riding with me, so it was a good day to do some interval training. For some reason, most people don't like to train with intervals: I know they can hurt, but they can also bear so much fruit; so they're worth the pain.

The intervals were done over 8 miles: out and back across the dam. Since I'm out of practice, I opted for an easier interval: 30 seconds hard - 60 seconds recovery (easy spinning). The total time was 24:28 with an avg speed of 19.4 mph (149 hr) and mx of 28.1 mph (165 hr). The hard time was 8:55 for 3.26 miles. The total number of intervals was 16 (hard and recovery).

I seem to be going through one of those "always hungry" phases again .. yikes!! So, I just finished a Vanilla yogurt and will go brush my teeth for the second and last time tonight. (Usually brushing my teeth is a reminder that my mouth is 'closed' for the rest of the evening, but tonight .. not so.) Other wise the eating has been good nutritionally, just lots of it.

Strength Training

Kind of plateaued here .. but that will change soon when I start incorporating more CrossFit type of workouts in a couple weeks. So, I'm kind of in a maintenance mode with the disciplines and routine right now. And I'm OK with that. Trying to increase the activity level a little with out getting injured.

That's all for now... don't forget to add those Interval sessions in you weekly routines. If you want to see some serious improvements that is ... :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Even less rest..

My Monday routine is still a bit like a routine, but I'm trying to mix it up some too. Today I added some sit ups to the mix and took out most of the recovery time (used the sit ups for the other muscle recovery).

I normally include them in the warm up, but today I did a 60 second test and did 60 sit ups (where I was going elbow to opposite knee) in that minute: last time I remember doing that was in High School ... a few years ago now.
- The first routine was dips, bench, decline sit ups: 3X - no rest.
- Then it was dips, decline bench, decline sit ups: 3X - no rest.
- Then incline and butterflies: 3X - no rest.
- Then tri-bar push downs, forward and reverse: 3X - 15 seconds rest.

And that was it. It was a good workout. I added some knees to elbows in the warm up: and those sure get your body engaged (from the pull up bar, in a chin up position, elbows at 90 degrees, pull knees up and touch elbows).

At lunch it was then regular run and ride with my wife: it was a bit warm today and we're both sporting a little extra 'red' in our complexion. Just over 5 miles total.

Eating was good. I'm still hungry a lot, but just dealing with it and letting myself be hungry when I know I've recently eaten.

No photos today. I need to relax a little with my camera and add some photos soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

And all went quiet...

Wow, it's been a long time since my last Blog. I am still exercising; I am still eating fresh raw spinach most every day; I am still struggling with Blue Bell and I am going thorough some changes in my work that may have me run silent for a season as my time gets re-prioritized in a couple weeks.

I don't know where to start with an update .. I guess I can say that I'm modifying my routines a bit again with the intent to make them a little more like circuit training. As it is I don't take much rest between sets: 0-60 seconds, but I am thinking when I was taking 60 before I will try 30 this week, and 30 before will be 15. Should make for a challenging workout. The reps may suffer enough that I will likely have to back down the weights to get in 4-6 reps min. We'll see .. just experimenting .. trying to work hard, mix it up and maybe even have some fun too. I tried a group workout this past weekend where they train with high intensity for shorter times: I like it. I've kind of done it some, but want to try it some more.

Nutrition wise I've decided to give my self some grace on the weekends and try to live tightly on the week days. I guess that's all for now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Am I?

Can you identify these? We're growing some...


The Closer you get...

[Photos: this mornings post workout drink: soy milk, whey powder, carob powder, cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne pepper and olive oil; before being stirred and after.]

This must be my fourth or more attempt at starting this blog .. it's like trying to write with a 2x4 dipped in ink, rather than a quill: there's just to much and it all comes gushing out. Much like trying to drink from a fire hose. So, I'll try to reduce the volume, take a deep breath and start again...

Other than over-eating I'm doing good. But then that's a lot like saying, "Other than not having any self control over the quantity and frequency of my eating - I'm doing Great!" What a contradiction. Rather than feeling good about the types of foods I'm eating and ignoring the amounts and reasons for such eating, I should (and am) continuing to be amazed at the struggles that food can have over this life. But then, the original sin involved Food - that doesn't surprise me much! And this is all coming after a 4 day juice fast.

This is down from previous routines. Mostly due to getting busy with other "Big Rocks". My wife and I got a run/ride in yesterday, but missed Monday and didn't get the core workout either. But we were happy for the run at least. It was hot, windy and dry. Our run together was slower than normal and my run I had a hard time keeping under 8 min/mi pace (my GPS kept playing the slow pace alert - meaning I was going to slow).

Still struggling a little here, but today was a little better as it was my Heavy Bench routine. I'm not gaining any reps, but I am still maintaining. The last three work sets are 225 and I'm still getting 3 reps each with 90 seconds rest. I also do a couple sets of close grip decline at a lower weight; and some incline dumb bell sets too; and dips and tri-bar sets too ...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Motivation is down...

The time after a fast can often be more challenging than the time during it. Such is the case this time.

I've been forcing myself to do my strength training, but the intensity is down A LOT. But, I'm just trying to push through this knowing that it will pass soon (hopefully a few days to a week). So, there was no running yesterday: alone or with my wife. Other priorities are pushing and getting more time. It was inevitable .. and has begun.

The biggest pressure for me is an upcoming teaching event, where I'm going to speak on the subject of "Healthy Living" to a Ladies group. I've lead several small men's groups on various topics including Health and Nutrition, a mixed group, and a couple single sessions on the topic of Nutrition, but this will be my first 'conference' type event.

It will also be my first time speaking to a women's only group: one session Friday evening and two sessions on Saturday; with some break out topics, healthy snacks/menu, and ice breakers too. And it will involve not just the physical side of being Healthy, but the more important and often overlooked Spiritual side too.

I'm very excited about it, but the preparation for teaching causes a fair bit of anxiousness for me as I prepare, but knowing that I like to be free and go with the flow of the group. With under two weeks left for preparations - I'm starting to feel it more. This rock is becoming bigger than exercise and many other rocks in my life, so things are getting shuffled around a bit right now. If you want more details, please let me know. :-)

The photos are from the rain that blew through last evening. It was nice to have my camera and take photos again ... it was very relaxing and enjoyable. Nice to see the intense Rainbow and the reminder that it is of God's promise to never Flood the World again (Genesis 9:12-15).

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day Four .. broke fast this evening

We started Wed night after dinner and my wife ended Sunday morning and I will likely end Sunday evening. The main purpose was for Detoxing and doing it together.

The menu has been juice and broths. We've juiced carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, oranges, lemons, grape fruit, grapes, strawberries, parsley, beats, spinach, ... and I'm sure I'm missing somethings. The broths have been made by warming pressed garlic, pressed onion, parsley, peppers, some home made salsa, sweet potato, and various spices: turmeric, mustard powder, cayenne powder, black pepper, olive oil, paprika, Basel, and a few other that escape me now. The broths would be warmed and then strained. They were a bit spicy from the pressed garlic and onion, but those are good ingredients for a detox and I didn't want to put them through my juicer and contaminate it.

I also brushed my skin daily with a luffa sponge and had an enema each evening - even though I had a natural BM each day. I guess I measure the success of the detox by the stool. Having regular natural BM's while not eating I see as a good sign, as I am normally very regular after eating a meal and before exercising. I will not describe it here.

Exercise these last for days has been two mornings of strength training, a run with my wife on Friday, Sat was a 30 mi bike ride with Ed, and Sunday was an indoor soccer game.

I have in the past taken supplements and also soy milk and whey protein powder after working out, but this time it was just juice. I would also use psyllium husks in the past, but this time used a nightly enema instead.

The total weight loss was 9 lbs, most of which I expect to get back as my colon starts working again. My stomach is flatter, but that is likely due to the colon being empty.

So, tonight I broke the fast with a salad: spinach, onion, crasins, mustard, olive oil, honey, black pepper, cayenne pepper, turmeric, and some refried beans (something I've been craving). Not the best meal to start a stomach after a 4 day juice fast, but .. that's what I did.

That's all for now. If there's something you are curious about or want to know, just ask and I'll respond.
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