Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Place from my Macro Photographs

I've decided to create a blog where I will put my Macro Photography .. and other photographs that I think are neat. It is "" - in keeping with the "A Life Of" theme. :) It's still in the makes .. so I will be trying to gather some of my old photos and get it started.

As for training .. I don't have a goal or intense training plans right now. I'm more trying to stay healthy .. and fighting fit: like Caleb at 80 was ready to take the land by force... I'm not 80 yet, but I'd like to be fighting fit at 80 too!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amazing Storm

A couple nights ago, we had an amazing Storm blow over! I took about 230 photos with my handy Canon PowerShot A710 IS. I used the continuous shooting setting so it would take 10 photos at a time, put it on my tripod and pushed the button while I stood inside! It was that intense!

It sounded like explosions rolling through the sky - just above the tree tops. I don't usually get scared in electrical storms, but I stayed mostly inside. Here are some of the photos that I captured. Enjoy :-)
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