Monday, February 15, 2016

Camelbak valve - don't forget it needs to be cleaned...

I use a Camelbak on the trail and on the road when riding my bikes. I clean it regularly, but don't worry to much as I only use water from my reverse-osmosis system in it. I'll even take the bite-valve apart and clean it once in a while too.

Caution: do not inspect the bite valve unless you are ready to clean it - and maybe be a little grossed out! The photo is of my bite valve; but it's what's called Macro Photography. It's something I like to do and have another blog just for it here. This photo clearly show's I should have cleaned this valve .. a while ago .. certainly before my ride two days ago .. and probably even a few weeks before that!

So, remember, clean your bite valves - even if you only keep water in your Camelbak.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sprocket teeth marks on calf...

I've lost count as to how many times I've had the familiar partial "Sprocket" imprint carved into my calf. Today it happened again - withing 20 seconds of starting our ride!

When that happens, it's a good reminder to be careful and not be overconfident. For me it also happens if I go slower than I'm used to: things that I'd normally ride over at speed, now have the ability to catch my tires and knock me over. I'm also using Crank Bros peddles that are over 10 years old and I'm having a difficult time, some times, getting my left foot out. I've change the cleats last year, but may need to do that again, or maybe by some new system.

I also hit some balls this evening. The photo shows my practice 6 Iron, Mizuno MP-62; which hits very similarly to the Mizuno MP-60 which are in my bag. I'm finding that I often seen speeds that are close to my driver speeds .. it's fun. Today there were several in the mid to upper 120's with the 6 iron. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

167 mph golf swing ... broken golf balls, broken birdie balls

Still hitting balls out back; still seeing some very high swing speeds at times (>130 mph) and still breaking golf balls. If these were actual numbers I would play my hand at a Long Drive competition, a Senior one of course...

I recently bought a backup or practice 6 iron. I am playing with MP60's and have a MP62 as a practice club - it's very nice and close to my game club. Even this club will see speeds in the 120's and 130's.

The above photo shows the ball mark on the face, just a little high of dead center. This was before I cut the rubber tee down to the correct height. Then a few swings later ended up breaking the base off the rubber tee. They normally don't last very long, but this one lasted a couple months - longest yet!

This is not a Titleist commercial, but I have and hit balls of all brands and to date I've not had a Titleist ball split, crack or break. These balls are under stress as they are stored outside and hit most every day. I've never bought any ProV1(x) balls (yet) but will find them on occasion when I play and have found them to be nice. Those ones stay in my bag - not out back.

Looking forward to my next round. I normally start with my 3 wood on the first hole or two, but am about ready to use my driver more. Especially if I can connect one of these swings and keep it in play .. it'd be fun to see what happens!
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