Sunday, August 8, 2010

A 'hot' week...

No PR's this week ... well, I take that back, I think my run of 6.5 miles yesterday may be a PR for the slowest I can remember doing it in quite some time .. 9:24 avg pace with some speeds over 10 min/mile: it was a run that I was glad to just finish! :-)

My total running miles were down this week ~15. I really want to get it back up to 20+, but am just not able to right now. Due to a couple primary reasons: fatigue, heat, schedule, ...

I did get to bowl another two games with my family and some friends. I bowled the second game at 202; maybe I should spend less time running and more time bowling as it seems my bowling is improving and my running is not-improving.

I also got a bike ride with Omar this morning in early: 23 miles for 90 minutes. It was a beautiful morning and nice to ride with a friend. Other than almost getting run off the road by a car I we were riding up a hill into the sunrise - it's was very nice. That wasn't too fun. I saw him in my mirror but was surprised when he passed me at about 10" to my left. That's why I had 'two' Planet Bike Blinky lights on the back of my bike in the past (now I have one on my mtn bike that my wife rides), and I'll be looking for another one so I can again have two as it's worth having a second light if it helps to be seen. (Being almost run over by cars and almost caught by chasing big dogs are my least favorite parts of morning rides. Thankfully they don't happen on every ride!)

So, not much to report. Expecting another full week and wanting to get my miles in .. we'll see. I also wouldn't mind dropping a lb this week as my stress eating needs to be better managed.

Thought for the day: Be careful what you sing and where you sing it. EX: after commenting that the waffle mix was to thin after returning from my ride this morning and sometime there after subconsciously starting to hymn the Veggie Tales song "It's plane to see .." --- whack .. I guess I didn't realize what I was singing, nor how close to my wife I was. None-the-less, we got a big laugh out of it as I tried to explain that I wasn't saying her brain was to small ... Since then, we've had a theme of 'brain' jokes today, including the relationship of dying brain cells and yawning, and mush for brains, ... it's been quite entertaining! So, the thought was, catchy tunes can sometimes end with a "Whack": don't forget your surroundings! :-)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bowled a 236 game

[Photo: my best bowling game to date: 236 :-]

This morning I got to go bowling with my family - that was nice. As a family we bought shoes years ago and have a large container of them now for our family and 'guests' that join us too. This morning it was just the six of us though and the bowling alley was mostly empty. We have an offer that my frugal wife bought at the beginning of summer so we can bowl two games each. Since we all have our own shoes - there's no cost.

Before today I bowled one game probably 15+ years ago over 200 (in the low 200's). Well today, started with remembering where I was standing and aiming from the last time we bowled as a family (179 and 169 that time). But today was different that first game: I was able to put the ball over my mark .. and get strikes; seven of them in that game with two spares and one open frame - the 10th. When it was finished my score was 236. It's my best game to date - and I was able to do it with my family! [For those that are interested: I throw a straight ball, I stand two boards to the right of the last dot on the floor and aim for the fourth dot from the left of the first set of dot's on the lane.]

So, I don't know who like to bowl that reads this - but it's a fun family activity and if you make the investment to buy shoes it becomes very affordable.

My Grandma used to take me bowling when I was a kid and she's the one that gets credit for teaching me how to bowl (even though I don't quite have her unique approach walk). She was a good bowler - and for you that remember the game show 'Bowling for Dollars' - she was on that. She didn't win much as I remember, she said the lanes were very waxed (slippery). She also used to fish with me and taught me how to play penuchle! And I think she was better at both of those activities than I was too!! She has passed away for many years now, but Grandma Rose was quite a character, fun and silly ... and some might say that I too am becoming a bit of a character too!

So this morning I bowled the highest score game of my life to date!

Monday, August 2, 2010

3 weeks 3 rides

[Sorry, no photo this time .. no time. ]

It's a far cry from previous training ... but when priorities and life squeeze, I'm glad to be getting one ride a week in: and have managed to do so for the last 3 weeks.

I'm still running - that not as much as before too, but I'm trying to get my miles back up over 20-25 again. In my running last week, I did 2 miles @ 13:11, and on my 7 mile day I did mile 4 at 6:40. For me that's good, but I'd like to do better. So, I'm trying to add a few more miles each week and adding more speed training (which is my least favorite thing to do: running speed training that is). Intervals on the bike I enjoy much more for some reason .. probably because I'm faster on the bike than I am running.

I also recently did 61 sit ups in 60 seconds and am going to work on that to see if I can get 65. I could do 53 push ups and would like to see that improve too .. but then again, priorities and time limit training.

The weight lifting has been another area that has taken a time/priority hit - and I've lost a fair bit of strength and muscle. I'd like to add it back, but for now am going to focus more on aerobic fitness so will expect to loose some more muscle. :-(

Eating wise - I'm still enjoying my salads, and almond butter, jelly, spinach and black pepper sandwiches: and I'm enjoying the 'Blue Bell' a little to much too! I know it's a stress releaser for me, but I still struggle with it.

Something that I'm mindful of these days: "Knowing what to do isn't enough: doing it is!" It's a valid truth for all areas of life: health (eating, exercise, sleep), family, friends, God. It's certainly one that I struggle with in the area of health, as I know when I'm not doing what I'd like to be doing, but yet still find myself doing it. (EX: getting a second or third serving of the 'Blue Bell' [the Best ice cream in North America!])
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