Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Blood Donation

I was able to give blood again this week - Tuesday to be exact. My cholesterol numbers are on-line already and were 163 this time. I'm good with that. I'd like to have an annual blood exam sometime to see what the other numbers are.

Here's a good site for giving blood (Carter Blood). I hope everyone that reads this has given blood or maybe gives annually. Not everyone that wants to give blood is eligible to do so. Even if you're squeamish, they are very attentive to your needs and how you feel. And, most importantly, your given blood could very well save the life of one or more people!! That's a pretty good return for a little discomfort.

As for exercise: 27 miles last week with a 7 mile run under 8 min/mi avg which is very good for me. I'm not sure when I did that last. This week, is a reduced week, not so much by choice but out of necessity of a 'full life'. And I'm sure the reduced mileage will be good for my body.

I've started back some regular strength training exercises and am hoping to see some lost strength return over the next weeks - months.

Being "Well" or "Healthy" is a long-haul assignment .. not a sprint, but rather an ultra! :-)

PS - If you want to see your health take a giant leap forward, don't use your exercise as a license for eating nutritionally dead foods (pleasure foods ... for me chocolate, Blue Bell, etc.)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Blue Angels and F22

Some photos from the air show this weekend. Good family time.

The Blue Angels were GREAT!!

The one with the six of them is where they all come in from different directions and cross around the center. (I was glad to see that they are all in this photo: not bad for an amateur photographer and his Canon Powershot AS710! :-)

... However, I think the flight of the F22 was even more amazing. It was flying in ways like I've never seen an airplane fly before. It was truly amazing to watch. The photo of it here shows the back wing/flap/surface out at a weird angle .. part of the amazing way that plane flys. It was VERY Cool!
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