Monday, February 15, 2016

Camelbak valve - don't forget it needs to be cleaned...

I use a Camelbak on the trail and on the road when riding my bikes. I clean it regularly, but don't worry to much as I only use water from my reverse-osmosis system in it. I'll even take the bite-valve apart and clean it once in a while too.

Caution: do not inspect the bite valve unless you are ready to clean it - and maybe be a little grossed out! The photo is of my bite valve; but it's what's called Macro Photography. It's something I like to do and have another blog just for it here. This photo clearly show's I should have cleaned this valve .. a while ago .. certainly before my ride two days ago .. and probably even a few weeks before that!

So, remember, clean your bite valves - even if you only keep water in your Camelbak.

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