Wednesday, January 18, 2017

60 degree Lob Wedge Practice in backyard

 I came home from work with more daylight hours than normal, but due to the rain and wet roads decided not to ride my bike. Instead I choose to enjoy hitting balls in my back yard. The photo to the left shows where I hit from and the crate with my practice balls (currently just over 250 balls).

According to my range finder, it's 72 yards to the back fence; 45 to the tree and 20 to the blue chair. Plenty of targets to practice hitting to with my 60 wedge.

I'm still working on shots that require a partial swing. There are lots of techniques that I've read and tried and I guess mine is a little of many of them: the length of my back-swing, swing speed, lowering my grip, opening my stance, opening my club face, angle of the shaft when making contact with the ball ... what am I missing...?!

It's good practice and I actually enjoy it. Today I hit a little over 200 balls with my 60 and a few with my 6 iron where I would hit to the fence between the tree and fence like I was hitting out of the woods along the fairway. Again, more practice for real situations that I'm often in.

The last shot shows the back yard 200 balls later and what's left in the bucket. The white balls I hit at the 45 yard target and all the others went to the trailer. I think I had about 5 (less than 10) go over the side fence when aiming at the trailer. I still tend to have a slight fade as my natural swing. I can force a draw, but it's not as comfortable.

Time of the 'training' : just under an hour. Good Practice. Looking forward to playing next week some time. What I need to do is hit 200 balls with my driver. Not into my net, but full swings where I can see their flight and improve. May have to go to the range...

Keep training...!

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