Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I've been enjoying hitting golf balls in my back yard with my 60 deg wedge. It's about 40 yds to the bin I put in the yard. I will often hit 50+ balls an evening .. I find it relaxing. I also have a net I can hit all my clubs into as well as birdy-balls that I mostly keep in my yard.

My swing speed monitor gave 169 mph for a driver swing recently .. something I know isn't correct. I've seen in the 140's before (also not correct), but a few months and changes later I'm seeing 169. The value of the swing speed monitor isn't in the actual number, but in giving a reference point that swings / clubs / techniques / etc can be compared. (I with it were actually a true number AND I could keep it in play - if that were the case, I'd try one of these long drive competitions ... those look like fun!!!)

With the shorter daylight hours, there are reduced opportunities for cycling. I can ride inside, but haven't been. I may have to switch to running again as I can do that in the evenings when it's dark.

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