Sunday, September 28, 2014

4 Wks Post Meniscus Repair - still no weight bearing...

I saw my physical therapist this at 4 weeks and a day after surgery. The range of motion (ROM) was 5 - 105 degrees. I've been doing my 'assigned' exercises and stretches daily and have even added some core exercises that I was told to drop: bent knee situps (old style) and the basic plank. Both, I was told, can put stress / pressure on the knee. I also learned that you shouldn't ask your therapist if there is more you can do; because there are always more exercises or the addition of an ankle weight or a ball under your foot ... needless to say, I actually worked up a sweat doing my 'enhanced' exercises at therapy!

It is difficult to not put a little weight on it here and there: in the kitchen, in the bath room, when I'm sitting and my foot is resting on the floor, ... but, I am trying to not put my weight on my left leg / foot. There are only 2 more weeks. I will see the Dr at 1 PM and then go to therapy at 2 PM with the expectation to be worked hard: which will include weight bearing, cycling, and I don't know what else.

I still have little waves of discomfort in my knee. Usually at the end of the day and sometimes at the end of a nights rest. My normal routine is to do a full set of exercises as soon as the kids are off to school so I can get everything stretched out and going for the day.

I've seen several articles, but not conclusive evidence supporting the conservative recovery program that has me waiting 6 weeks before I put weight on my knee, compared to the more aggressive that may start at week 3 or 4. I feel like my body is ready, but I am choosing to honor my Dr's instruction to wait until 6 weeks.

Not much else to report. Still doing my exercises. Once I locate an ankle weight I'll continue with some 'enhanced' exercises too. I've watched several seasons of several series on Netflix... often while I'm doing my exercises. There's some funny and interesting stuff out there.

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