Monday, September 8, 2014

Physical Therapy: Good, Bad, .... Ugly!?

Physical Therapy: Good, Bad, .... Ugly!?

Physical Therapy: for those who have been 'broken' by this word, we all share a journey of healing, through a path of perseverance, mercy, help, discomfort, pain and time. It's a great option to have.

Photo1: It's been 3 days now since we've put up an old table in the front room, where I spend most of my time now. This table is kind of like my office, for my exercises that I'm doing for my therapy. It's a sturdy table that I can lay on and move around on and can hang my legs off for passive exercises as well. [On the table is a mat, the remove for the stereo, the home phone, my cell phone for timing exercises, my strap, my drink, and a place for me to elevate my foot for the most painful exercise of them all - the heal prop: where my foot is propped on the stool and foam roll with gravity providing sufficient force on my knee to cause discomfort/pain as I stay still. Today I did 10 min's and 11 min on my second set - a PR (Personal Record).]

Photo 2: this is my log book for my Physical Therapy. I like to record everything - it helps me be motivated and also encourages me as I can look back and see progress and perseverance. This log started on Friday: 1 wk and 1 day after surgery (2 weeks after my injury).

Photo 3: it hasn't been that long, but it looks like I'm already seeing some entropy of my left leg. I'm also having trouble firing the muscles of my left thigh. It is getting a little better, but still not in complete control. My therapist has suggested that I get an electro something that I attach to my muscles and it stimulates via electrical signals. My son has some device that kind-of looks like an ipod and I've been using that in the interim and it makes my muscles fire. It doesn't quite hurt, but it's in the grey between discomfort and pain.

So the Good, Bad and Ugly:
- the good would have to be that I was able to do my heal prop twice today for a time of 10 minutes - which is the suggested amount of time and its the first time I've been able to do it that long.
- the bad would have to be being at home and not able to do the things I enjoy (cycling, mountain biking, lifting weights, golfing, projects and tasks around the home, walks, ... etc).
- and the ugly would be my left leg ... wasting away....

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